To live a life inspired by nature is to live a life of newer and richer experiences.
These are our photographs of the experiences we share exploring nature and the world.

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Christine & Steve
Brindle Photography


A Life Inspired by Nature

I love nature and being in the outdoors. If I could hike, rock climb, travel, kayak, camp out, trail run, take pictures, cook over the fire, and frolic with dogs and wildlife (you get the point) for most hours of the day, I would. I think a lot of other people out there feel the same way.

My husband and I spend a lot of time outdoors and also enjoy traveling and photography. We document everything we do through photographs. Each time we come home from a trip, I create a photo album or scrapbook and share all of our photos and stories with friends and family. A Life Inspired by Nature is a way for me to share all the inspirational things we’ve found in nature through photography to more than just our family and friends. It is for anyone who loves to see photos of the outdoors, places around the world, and dogs.

Thanks for visiting! I hope the photos I share here will encourage you to live a life inspired by nature.


I'm the blogger of our family, part-time photographer and image editor. I am 28 years old and married to my high school boyfriend, Steve. We both grew-up and currently live in Central Pennsylvania. We have two Yellow Labs, Rocky & Nemo, and a Pitbull/American Bulldog, Tucker. Steve and I love exploring nature and the world, and hope to share our inspirational experiences through photography with friends (old and new) and family.

About Me:

-I like to express my creativity through different avenues (photography, arts & crafts, painting, interior decorating, scrapbooking, blogging, etc.)
-I adore all animals, but I can't imagine a life without dogs. Growing up, a dog was always part of our family and that tradition continues with Steve and I. I'm currently begging him for a third, wish me luck!
-I enjoy reading. My few of my favorite book topic's include: dogs (how did you guess!?) any extreme outdoor hobbies (the hobbies I wish I had), vampires and wizards (yes, it's true), traveling (it's so easy to get lost in these books), an occasional love story (very occasional). Steve calls me Kindle Brindle.
- As my husband so lovingly says...I'm a "neat freak" who enjoys working out a lot. Both are true, and most people who know me well, know that about me well ;)
-I'm a huge fan of traveling. Whether it's a two week European trip, a one week Alaskan Cruise, or a weekend backpacking adventure, it does not matter, I just love to see new places and take new pictures
-Obvious by the title of this blog, I love nature and spend a lot of time playing outside. The things I love to do best include hiking, backpacking, camping, trail running, kayaking, and rock climbing. I'm always open to new experiences and hope to grow my list of outdoor hobbies.
-I love photography. Through photography I can express myself, capture all the things I love in life, share the great places we've seen, and most importantly, share the inspiration I find in nature with others.

My Favorite...

Candy - Candy Corn

Color - Green

Books - Between a Rock and a Hard Place, Inside of a Dog, Water for Elephants, The Art of Racing in the Rain, The Twilight Saga, No Shortcuts to the Top, books by Caesar Milan

Animal - Currently, I <3 Owls

Beer - Hefeweizen

Landscape - The Mountains

TV Shows - True Blood, Man Woman Wild, House, Raising Hope, Glee, The Challenge, Nitro Circus, Game of Thrones


Steve is a year and a half younger than me and the photographer much of the time. He prefers to be behind the lens rather than part of the photo and I like both, so it works out well for us.

About Steve:

-Steve is a science and history nerd. He'll watch the History Channel, the Travel Channel, and the Discovery Channel from sunrise to sunset. He loves science and history, and I love nerds.
-Steve loves the great outdoors too and has proven on many occasions to be a great outdoorsman. Steve has taught me a lot during our many adventures and continues to do so. 
-Steve enjoys traveling to places we've never been before and he makes it a priority for us. It's like having my very own personal traveling agent.
-Steve likes all sports. He'll play whatever,, basketball, volleyball, soccer, bocce ball, tennis, swimming, fly fishing, the list is endless.
-He lives for new experiences. He wants to explore new places, see new things, try new foods, learn new things, etc.
-Steve has a green thumb. He starts a garden each year from seed. This year along with our normal veggies, he grew pumpkins. I could hardly pick up the prize pumpkin!
Steve's Favorites...

Sports Teams - New York Giants, Yankees, Knicks, and Rangers

Color - Blue

TV Shows - House, Man Vs. Wild, No Reservations, Tosh.0, The Simpsons, Jeopardy, Eastbound and Down

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turle - Michaelangelo

Beer - Westvleteren (all varieties)

Foods - Berries, Steak, Peaches, Bacon

Nemo & Rocky

Rocky and Nemo are 10 year old yellow lab brothers. Rocky grew up with Steve and his mom, while Nemo grew up with my parents and I. Their personalities reflect their separate upbringings. Rocky is a ball obsessed, type A cuddlier and Nemo is an independent, expressive swimmer. Physically, Nemo is slightly darker and stockier, while Rocky is white as the snow and athletically built. Now that they live together full-time, they are inseparable.

Rocky's Favorites...

Tennis Balls
Hogging the Bed
The Full Butt Wag
Falling asleep with Head Up
Hide and Seek
Being Brushed/Scratched

Nemo's Favorites...

Any Body of Water
Playing Chase
Under the Neck Scratch
Hound-dog Howling
Digging Holes
Hide and Seek
Alone Time


Tucker is almost two years old. He is a Pitbull and American Bulldog rescue from the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area ( Tucker is a lovable and energetic puppy. Tucker has the common Pitbull appearance - solid build, short with a large head.

Tucker's Favorites...

Chewing on toys, bones, brothers and us
Bird Watching
Licking Rocky and Nemo's ears
Finding dead animals in the woods
Sprinting up and down the stairs


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