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November 11, 2011

A Dog's Bond

As litter mates, Nemo and Rocky share a bond stronger than most. It can be seen on a daily basis and is documented in many of our photographs. They also share a bond with mother-nature and are happiest when exploring the world around them. The images below capture both their bond as brothers and with nature.



 White Rocks, Cumberland County
Side by side, Nemo and Rocky will take-on any adventure.
At eight years old, the boys are still hard to keep up with and have no fear of heights.

2010 Snowstorm
They adore frolicking in the snow.
As soon as their paws land in it, their spirits renew and they are puppies once more.
 Hiking Tumbling Run near Pine Grove Furnace
Like most Labrador Retrievers, Nemo and Rocky can't stay out of the water.
In their eyes, Tumbling Run is heaven on earth!

 "The Cabin"
My mother-in-law's home is a favorite family getaway, especially for the canine members.
With plenty of land to run on, woods to explore, and a creek to swim in...
the cabin provides the ultimate escape for all of us.

Darlington Trail near Harrisburg
Because the Darlington Trail is near our home, we visit often.
After a tough day at "the office", Nemo and Rocky like to hit the trails.

Do your dogs feel the call of the wild? What do they like to do?
Do they have close canine companions?


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