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October 26, 2011

Backpacking in Colonel Denning State Park

Steve and I prefer to backpack in the fall and winter, so that’s what we did this past weekend!
Along with the four of us, Steve’s college roommate and best man, Kevin, came along for our overnight excursion. Steve did some research on places we could go, provided us with a few options and we all decided to head to Colonel Denning State Park.

10/22/2011 - 10/23/2011
Location: Colonel Denning State Park, Pennsylvania
Lodging: Three-man tent along Warner Trail
Travelers: Steve, Christine, Kevin, Rocky & Nemo

The highlight of this park is the view of Cumberland Valley, which can be seen by climbing Flat Rock Trail to the overlook on the crest of Blue Mountain.  In addition to the view, the park has 18 miles of hiking trails and is a trailhead for the 105 mile Tuscarora Trail. The weather and temperature were typical for fall and in the evening, after setting up camp, we were able to sit close to the fire and sleep comfortably at night. We had an excellent time with a good friend in the great outdoors!


Flat Rock
This view of Cumberland Valley was taken from the overlook
at Flat Rock on the crest of Blue Mountain.

Our Campsite Along Warner Trail
The next few pictures, including the one above, were taken in the area surrounding our campsite. This photo was shot in the evening and the others were taken at sunrise.


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