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October 1, 2011

Nature from a Dog’s Perspective

Our yellow labs love nature as much as we do. Rocky and Nemo enjoy any outdoor adventure through any landscape and in any weather. Their enthusiasm for the outdoors can be seen in many of our pictures. That natural gravitation towards the wilderness inspires us to take them on regular journeys off the beaten path.

Rocky and Nemo are 8 year old yellow lab brothers. Rocky grew up with Steve and his mom, while Nemo grew up with my parents and I. Their personalities reflect their separate upbringings. Rocky is a ball obsessed, type A cuddlier and Nemo is an independent,  expressive  swimmer.  Physically, Nemo is slightly darker and stockier, while Rocky is white as the snow and athletically built.  Now that they live together full-time, they are inseparable.

Seeing the dogs in their natural element inspires us to be in ours.


Rocky and Nemo’s spirits soar as soon as the snow begins to fall. They love it almost as much as we do. This photograph was taken after a heavy snowstorm on my mother-in-laws land along Clarks Creek in Dauphin, PA.  This is one of our most favorite places to play outside.

This picture was taken during an overnight backpacking trip on the AT.
Even in the woods, the dogs expect their breakfast at the crack of dawn, no exceptions!

I spy one person and two dogs on another overnight backpacking trip in Michaux State Forest, Pennsylvania. On a chilly winter night like this, I have no problem sharing a small tent
with another person and two dogs.

Like most boys, the dogs love being dirty.

As you can clearly see in this picture, Nemo is the jumper of the family.
This was taken during an AT hike on Peters Mountain. Love this action shot!

We went hiking after a snowstorm on Hawk Rock in Duncannon.
Steve climbed a tree and took pictures of us from above.

Can you tell we love to hike in the winter? This is in Shahola Falls, Poconos.
I spy Rocky swimming in the background!


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